Front End Development Libraries Projects - Build a Markdown Previewer

So I finished the Markdown Previewer Challenge locally and it’s running beautifully.
Translating that to codepen is causing problems.
First of all I somehow managed to make all the necessary imports (React, ReactDOM, marked), which was a piece of work on its own.
When I run the tests now, they fail on Test 4, interactivity.
And codepen’s compiler tells me that my changeHandler’s is null.

I’m out of ideas and need help

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Challenge: Front End Development Libraries Projects - Build a Markdown Previewer

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I might be missing it, but I dont see the markdown library (

) loaded. Am i wrong?

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OOps I was wrong. I see it in the head now. Hmmm… looking through the code

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Dear Lance, first off I wanna thank you for helping me and looking at the code!
:slight_smile: :pray:

So yes marked is imported a bit complicatedly through html script binding, but that seemed to be the only way that worked. I had quite some trouble with importing all necessary libraries in codepen.

I reviewed the code today, and rewrote it a bit. The parsing happened in App’s render method. Now I moved the parsing to the state, which maybe makes more sense semantically in React. Code still works locally nicely.
codepen however throws a new error instead of “event target is null”:

// [object Error]

Then I added a testarea on the bottom of the code to see if marked does it’s job. And it does. So still no real progress here.

I think codepen might struggle with using event in changeHandlers? Because the newest react version tells me locally that event is deprecated. I did a bit of googling to see how one could replace event. After all stores what you need to change states and so on. That will be my next try then, but I’m still a bit hopeless.

You were right about the library.

This one did work:
import marked from “”;


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Glad it worked for you!

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