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I’ve completed my final project for the Front End Development Libraries Certificate on CodePen, and it doesn’t pass all tests. However, my code works perfectly on my local machine, and I believe it’s a bug specific to CodePen. Despite this issue, I was able to claim my certificate without any problems because I met all the requirements and my project functioned correctly on my own system. After pasting the link, they promptly issued the certificate.
Help me out with this

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Here is the link to the repository to Github, How I said I made tests locally and works perfect, all the functionalities are set

Your code has to be passing locally using the test script.

<script src=""></script>

It does not. Well, it just keeps running forever and never finishes the tests.

If (as advised in the issue linked to on the challenge page) using the old render method or downgrading to React 17 doesn’t fix it, your code is most likely not working correctly. It has to pass the tests.

I would also suggest you update all the state setters that rely on the current state value to use an updater function. It might surface some bugs as well.

Okey I got it, but How I said in local machine works perfect, no bugs no weirds behaviors, so How I fix something that works properly?

You know I will comment a quote, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Because if the tests do not pass, it isn’t working correctly as per the requirements.

Trust me, you are not the first to struggle with getting the tests to pass.

There is only so much you can manually test, and the tests will rapidly test things, starting, stopping, changing values, resetting, and it hacks the timer so it doesn’t take forever to test it. All that can break an app that otherwise seem to work.

You can pass the tests. Just as the demo app does.

But it is very likely you will have to use the old render method or downgrade React. My old version only works with the old render method, and the demo app is using classes (but does seem to work with 18 and the new render method).