Front End Introduction Page Project : Need feedback

Please let me know what you think

Things I learned :slight_smile: :

Pure CSS Smooth Scroll
Pure Javascript and CSS Modals
Gradient Stuffs

Looks very good in desktop, but needs some work for mobile devices.

Some minor issues tho, first I think the text color is a little light! I think it should be a little more black(dark) to bring more contrast with background color.

Another stuff which I think is not very common is the gradient color for icons and images. I think having transparent background images/icons are better, but this is my opinion.

Fix the mobile responsive page for now.

Keep going on great work, happy programming

its actually mobile friendly, just forgot about the viewport meta tag, check it out again! And dont forget to use chrome, firefox or opera browsers, those are only the browsers i support for now

YES! Now looks worldclass, very good. looks very good and expected in mobile and small devices.

Well done!

Keep going on great work, happy programming.

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