Front end liberaries in freecodecamp

I just finished Bootstrap and jQuery courses on FCC, it took me about 2 hours to finish them.

I need to know if this is enough to say that I have learned Bootstrap and jQuery.

I searched for a cheat sheet as well, but I feel like it doesn’t need memorization as I have already understood the concept and the syntax, is that enough?

I wouldnt use the word “learned” you just followed the FCC steps. To say you learned them would be being able to build complete projects using these.

Theres not a lot to go over with jquery, and bootstrap especially if you already have programming knowledge, but I would try your hand at a project using them and see how you feel during that process

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Yes, I would be able to make projects out of what I learned, as I just got the basics of DOM manipulation and the classes in bootstrap, but if so, what is the next to learn?

HI @LionHeart !

My suggestion would be to finish up the rest of the certification and build out the projects in the end.

Then move onto building out your own projects.

I wouldn’t worry about try to chase down different JS/CSS libraries and frameworks.
As long as you understand the basics that will be enough.
You will learn more when you are building projects.

On my last job, I worked with a handful of different CSS libraries and frameworks.
And a few JS libraries and frameworks.

Some of them I was familiar and others I was just learning about for the first time.
But I had a good knowledge of vanilla JS and CSS that I was able to pick up the tools I needed.

So that would be my advice to you.
As long as you have a good foundation in the core languages and know how to learn, then you can pick up whatever tool you need in the future for work.

hope that helps