Front End Libraries Course complete garbage?

Hi. The frontend libraries course is the worst course of anything i’ve ever encountered in my life. Completely outdated for several years now, missing tons of important information to understand whats going on and the projects at the end are impossible to do (not because they are hard, but because of missing relevant information to complete them).

At the end of this course (i’m still missing the projects) i feel like i learned nothing…

I’m sorry that you feel that way. I would remind you of a few things:

  1. A lot of learning programs fall behind the times - things keep changing - but that does not make them a “waste of time”.
  2. As to “missing” information, a learning program has to make decisions about how in depth to go. Yes, ideally there would be 10X as much information in the curriculum, but then a lot of learners would get discouraged. Remember that FCC attracts a lot of people that just trying coding out and are unsure and insecure about their abilities.
  3. FCC is free.
  4. FCC is open source so you are welcome to contribute.
  5. A lot of people (including me) got jobs through studying (primarily) FCC.
  6. FCC does not claim to be a comprehensive course. You are expected to search for information (as professional developers do all day). You are also expected to learn after you finish - the first 6 certs form the foundation of a MERN stack, but you have to keep learning. You’ve been given enough to get started, but you have to keep developing as a developer.

But I’m sorry if you feel cheated.


aren’t you going to offer him a refund?


Yeah, I’ve done that in the past. I guess I wasn’t feeling that snarky today.

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freeCodeCamp is going through an overhaul, it will needs time. Like Responsive Web Design got update, so all other projects will be.

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