Front-End Libraries Project One Issues

Hi. So recently, I started the “Random Quote Machine” project for the front-end libraries certification(and let me go to say that I hate React and Redux. I named my project, “Random Quote Machine with the Worst Front-End Libraries Ever to Torture Humanity”). Anyway, so when I go to run the test on my project, I keep getting an error on test 11. I always keep my browser zoom at 100%, and I put the pen into full page view, but it keeps saying, " The #quote-box wrapper element should be horizontally centered. Please run tests with browser’s zoom level at 100% and page maximized." I even tried it with F11 to fully maximize my browser, but even that didn’t work. And I don’t know why; I literally copied the code from the example, and it still doesn’t work. I have learned one very important lesson, though: I am DEFINITELY a full-stack/back-end developer. No front end here. Here’s a link to my test project.

Hello there,

You have not assigned a CSS preprocessor to work with SCSS. So, I am surprised anything is shown in the output. In general, I recommend you take a look at the browser devTools to get a better idea of what is happening with your pages:

Those yellow triangles are warnings from the devtools.

Hope this helps

Thanks dude. It’s all fixed. (In my defense, I don’t normally use