Front End Libraries: Random Quote Machine

Hey everyone. Just completed the Random Quote Machine. Here is the link to it.

Since it was very tedious to incorporate everything I had done on my local environment to codepen, I had to edit out the part where the “new quote” also fetches the images of the authors. If you want to see that functionality as well then here is the repo.


Hey it looks good!

Was it part of your design to have your quotebox under viewport so it has be scrolled down? Also giving some space under and padding to the quotebox will make it look better.

Um no not really. The darn thing wouldn’t center vertically so I gave it a 100vh lol. Sacrificing the scroll but it works for most screens. I’m not sure if it is the one that’s causing it though.

If you happen to view it with the pictures (from the repo) it actually looks nice. It was a makeshift change so I didn’t account for that.

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