Front-End or Back-End?

As you learn more, through FCC and other resources, do you feel yourself leaning one way or another? If so, why? I don’t feel myself being pulled any particular way. Have you found yourself committing to any specific stack?

I feel a more natural pull towards the backend, but it’s because I’m ashamed of my eye for front end design.

Don’t get me wrong, my backend code is horribly designed too, but fewer eyes ever land on that!!!

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LOL, I understand. CSS gives me immediate gratification so it’s easier to get into but my color/design game needs a lot of work! I have no natural design sense. CSS is getting more complex and powerful. I’d like to learn more but I’m afraid that soon enough there won’t be any demand.

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I took a break from the front end to play around with the back end (node, express, and a dash of ejs). The deeper I dive into it, I find that I am doing front end stuff through the back. Because I am more of a “big picture” type of person, I find this more interesting. I can see how it all works togeather.

I’m more for the backend, because I like the idea of building (web) apps and working with databases and machine learning algorithms. But you always need some knowledge of both…


Front end and UX. Because it seems to be more tricky and demanding. Why? That’s work with people. While backend is more logical and written in the binary system :wink:

I like to design in Photoshop and then do the coding in bootstrap which has been an invaluable asset. Have since learnt about SASS and its powerful capabilities I realise that there is always something new to get hooked on.

I suck at design, so…backend!!!

I suck at design on my own, but give me a template to layout and i’ll code it out. So, with that being said, i’m a front and back end coder, not a UI/UX specialist hehe. Hope that makes sense.