Front end or full stack?

Hi guys :grinning:

Just a quick question…
In your opinion, if you create full stack applications but use a 3rd party back end, can you call yourself a full-stack developer?

From a client perspective, I’m still creating a full stack application and I’m a one man band. On the other hand, if I was to apply for a position in a company I’d be flat out lying if I claimed to have back end skills.

Not really an important question, but as things like JAMstack are gaining popularity and using 3rd party APIs for backend is the norm for many freelance front-end devs, I’m interested to know people’s opinions :blush:

To other developers, no, you shouldn’t claim to be full-stack. But if you are selling your services online, and can create the whole solution using an application platform like Firebase, then promote it of course.


Depends on what you mean by “3rd party back end”.

And who you are talking to.

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