Front End Portfolio Feedback

Hi all

It’s been a good few months since I started coding on FreeCodeCamp and I’ve finally put together a portfolio page containing my projects from the front end curriculum. I was hoping for any feedback or thoughts on it, and what I can do to improve it.


I’ve added some media queries to make sure it work’s ok on different devices too so hopefully it all flows smoothly.

Thanks again all!

Hello @Nomad89.
I have viewed your portfolio website. I have a few tips for you.

  • Make the menu items bold. I can barely read them.
  • The menu items might be too small to click on it mobile view since they shrink a lot.
  • Add an arrow pointing downward so that people know that they have to scroll down when the page loads.
  • Maybe set text-align: justify on your paragraphs to space the words out better.
  • Analyze the HTML and CSS to make sure that you have valid code.
  • The “Product Landing Page” project looks great!! Just remove the lorem ipsum text. Make something up. It will look much more professional.
  • Think about a hamburger menu for mobile view.

Everythings looks good to me, except the HTML 5 logo and JS logs in ‘Skill section’

1 is not displaying the logo and other I think it’s a wrong image?

dont want to give u any tips, just want to say in all your projects immediately visible designer experience. very beautifull.

Thank you and well spotted! I’ve gone and sorted these so they should be correct now.

I’ll see about sorting some of these to give it that final polish. I totally forgot about the hamburger menus, I’ll see about sorting one out for the main page. When you say about the HTML and CSS being valid code, is this just making sure everything is working as intended?

Thanks for your feedback and time!


Thanks mate, i really appreciate this! I’ve always thought that coding required some sort of mathematical degree, but this website has gone and shown me that that isn’t the case! It’s really changed my view on coding and design in general, and I owe it and the community a lot!

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@Nomad89 Yes. It is a good idea to check your code using an online HTML validator to make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be. Sometimes even though the website works there could be some invalid HTML or CSS. Have you tested the website in multiple browsers? and on your cell phone?