Front end Project Ideas

Hi everyone, I have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS. I’m looking for some help choosing a new project idea, and I’m hoping to get some suggestions from the community.
I’m interested in developing a personal project to improve my skills, and I’m open to suggestions on what kind of project to work on. I have a few project ideas but don’t know which one I should select or how to start.
If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, I would love to hear them!
“Thank you in advance for your help and input, and I look forward to hearing from the community!”

What were your ideas?

  1. Weather website with health advices and care .
  2. Weather Tracker for agriculture.
  3. Dr. appointment website.
  4. VR website ( but it requires additional skills and 3D JS frameworks).
  5. Parallax Website .(Example: flavored soda where the image of soda bottle will be stable only the flavors , color tag and texts on that bottle will change when the user scrolls it.)
  6. Online Farmer store.

these all look good.
I would re-order these by complexity.
For me, a weather website / weather tracker is not going to deal with security issues like a store website. So I would probably start with something less complex like that and work my way up.
The weather website would have to talk to an online api, which is also in itself an important skill (knowing how to read api docs and hook into them)

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: It will help me start working on my projects . How should I decide the design of my website for weather .

one option is grab some blank paper and a pencil and draw something there.
But first you will need to determine what are the must-have features and nice-to-have features. Then figure out how to lay them out in your page.
A rough sketch will do.
After that you can either look at other sites for inspiration or use your own inspiration from your life. (use your favorite color palette for eg from whatever is around you)

I would say most important is to really have a plan laid out for each feature and how it works.

I have noted down what features all of these websites must have .