Front End Project setup boilerplate

In a moment of severe sleep deprivation, and an attempt to help a friend just starting out in the Front End section of FCC, I created a github repo containing a common/not so intimidating project setup for Front End Development.
This is my sad attempt to appease the need to contribute in SOME way to OSS, since I haven’t had the courage/willingness to leave my comfort zone to start looking at some OSS I can contribute to/pull requests yet.

With that said, feel free to take a look, use it for any of your projects. I originally made this for a friend that wanted to get off Codepen like services and start developing on his own machine, but didn’t really want to go through the pain points of learning the 100 different ways to setup a build process on a local machine, with other things.

You can check out the readme on the repo but to summarize what it has/does:

  1. Live reload and injection(no need to cmd + r after scss compiles into css in your browser) via lite-server.
  2. Templating with Pug(formerly Jade) and compiling scss into css via Gulp.
  3. Directory structure.
  4. Some linting via eslint.
  5. yarn package manager (npm on a bender)

clone => install dependencies => tweek as you see fit => code 'til your fingers fall off.


Happy Coding.