Front End- React- Markdown Previewer

Hi, guys recently. I have been working on Front End Development Projects on FreeCodeCamp. I am happy that I have come this far and my passion to learn programming is increasing each passing day.
FCC’s react video on youtube are awesome and I learnt a lot from there.

I would like you to give your valuable feedback on these projects. I will be very grateful.

React App (

As I have published my source code on github and have posted a link of that repository…
I want you to help me in solving one problem which despite trying, I couldn’t.

When I started working on this project, I inspected the sample project by FCC team which is here FCC: Simple React Markdown Previewer (

In this project, Editor as well as previewer has a min-maxmize button which is used to add class on these two components simultaneously when the state value related to this functionality changes.

I want to achieve that in my code, as I have learnt react hooks using John Smilga’s tutorial and class components confuses me. can you help build that using my code?

You can clone my code and then add this functionality using hooks. It will help me a lot!! I tried a lot. But failed.

Thanks for your time reading this. Thanks a lot!!

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