Front End Templates (boiler plates?)

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Maybe the lingo is boiler plates… :)… Anyway, I’m not really that interested in learning front end and definitely I’m not good at design… I’m more interested in building projects, learning how to glue the all the main bits together to build a functioning app, using APIs on the web etc.

So - question - are there front end templates / boilerplates freely available to use (commercial or private) for various use cases that would fit the bill 80%+ of the time, perhaps with some basic tweaking only? Where do i find such starting points?


what your looking for is bootswatch

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You can use framework like Bootstrap.

It has pretty decent default styles and dozens of ready-to-use components that can fulfill most of generic UI requirements. Many templates built on top of Bootstrap are also freely available on web.

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I found this also =

Which is quite nice.

Really, just need some basic / (decent looking) styling from somewhere and that’s all you need for most purposes I guess. (if not wanting to do much FE work that is).

Honestly, then you might as well just use a UI/front-end framework and some templates for it. That way you also have a consistent and documented code base to work with.

Google: CSS common layout patterns