Front End: Tribute Page Feedback appreciated!

Above is the Tribute page that I created for the the first simple Front-End project.
I’m very new to web dev and would love some feedback on what I could simplify or do better. I have not done any of the Javascript modules yet, so I might not fully understand any JS feedback, but I’d still appreciate it. Thanks!


Great page. Looks good on my phone.
I don’t have any comment on your coding maybe I’ll check again tomorrow on my laptop. The only thing I didn’t like was the sudden change of text color to blue at the bottom. Adding another accent color maybe a little too much. A different tone of a color you’ve already used would work better I think. But then again every person have their own preferences

I agree! It definitely kind of stands out a lot. I think it must be the default color for text nested in the anchor tag. I don’t know how to change its color to something a little more flattering. :question:

You could try:

  color: #ff0000;

  color: #D4AC0D;
  text-decoration: none;

#ff0000 is a redish color (which is kinda fitting for Flash lol) and then I made the hover the same gold color as in your list and got rid of the link underline. Awesome tribute subject by the way!