Front End Web Developer in 6 Months!

Hey guys! Just got a job as front end web developer in Malaysia. super hyped for it. I’ve been doing coding for around 6 months and even ventured to abit of the back end and wow, it gets pretty interesting there, to me at least. In the beginning, I started of with free code camp then it got to a point where i wanted to know MORE so i ventured out places like Udemy, edx, and of course youtube channels… Listened to a couple podcast which kept me motivated when i wasn’t coding, everything overall has been a great learning experience.

To all who are aspiring to be a web developer, and are starting out from FCC, Continue grinding and do your very BEST in every FCC project, Do MORE then the guidelines even. It’s never too late to code. Go go go!

And I want to thank FREE CODE CAMP team for this opportunity!


Congratulations, I am happy for you :clap::clap:

Congratulations! What Udemy courses do you think were most helpful?

Congratulations!! Any podcasts you recommend listening to?

Congrats! What YouTube channels do you recommend?

I learnt my back-end from a course on udemy “the web developer bootcamp”. Didn’t touch the front end but you can practice your html & css from there too

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I listen to “syntax” on a occasional basis since they specialise in web development

Try watching codingtutorials360 on YouTube. He helped me alot during the fcc projects.


You must have worked really hard to get to this point :slight_smile: .

Could you please share your portfolio? I’d love to check it out.

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