Front end Webdevelopment/ more support in videos

Hi guys,

I really really do L.O.V.E. freecodecamp.
However, i don’t think the assignments we have to make (in this case the Javascript path certification) are really well explained.
The assignments explained are really simple, but i really do feel there is a lot more explanation needed to make every method more understandable (since there is so much more to say about each method or function it is embedded in). I am now at ES6, could you maybe add videos in those tutorials?

Kind regards

freecodecamp shouldn’t be your only source of infos, it is just basics, a overview of the language
you can read about each method in details on the documentation (MDN,, others)


Yes, you may be right, I have never suggested that free codecamp is my only source.

However, I feel there is always room for improvement, and when you explain things with an example, you should be able to do so from the assignment, otherwise the explanation is not clear.

So, if your explanation is clear, then you can look things up.

In this case, every example is super easy, but the assignment doesn’t explain well enough what is expected.

Also, from your feedback I get that there is no room for feedback? I think you should be glad someone is giving the time to do so,

Free codecamp is really nice, but of course, as a teacher, material is never finished, and I would like you to consider my feedback seriously and look it over in your team.

Looking for videos is easy, on every topic, making sure an assignment is understood by a student is not.

I would like some specific videos for these assignments it would help a lot.

the videos are something done by a volunteer that time ago went through the challenges and created them

you can try asking in the github repository but I don’t know if they would be done also considering that new version of curriculum is being developed now

feedback is welcome, if you have any suggestions on how the challenges could be updated you can open an issue in the github repository, at this time no new challenges will be created because of development of new curriculum 7.0

you did not give any specific feedback so I can’t answer to that.
remember that if you need any additional explanation you can ask in the forum

Ah…a volunteer, that explains it all.

I actually do agree with you that looking up things is good for you as a developer. However…i think when you want to be the leading source on the internet ( and i think freecodecamp is definitely in the top 10) they should make the es6 course much more accessible in terms of explanation and such. Looking up things are great. But, when you look at mdn, they don’t expect you to look further than their website, they try to explain it all…

So i will pass this message along on github about the front end courses .

Thanks for your reply…