Frontend Developement Career Path

Aside from creating websites for clients . Is there anything else that goes into the path of frontend development? Are there any other types of projects or tasks that is involved.

Any comments or advice would really be very much appreciated.

Thank You all in advance

Hello alcidescodes. Though I’m not a specialist, I think these resources could help:

Hope (at least) one could be of help.
Postdata: Two have a bias for bootcamp, putting aside that, they provide good tips.
Best Wishes.

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Depending on the company size and your aptitude, you might get called on to do user research, compile those into user stories, and then wireframe, and then make screens i.e. UI/UX design.

You should be able to interact with APIs, e.g. make a GET request to the server and handle that data.

You may be called on to optimize algorithms, for example drawing a table with a large amount of data.

You should be able to read and use front-end CSS frameworks e.g. Bootstrap.

And then yes really good CSS, a front-end javascript framework, and HTML.

Anyway, you can work for a big company and go deeper developing a product and using different approaches.

Then, it’ll help to the big wider specialist in the field.