Frontend Developer

Is it possible to learn to be a front-end developer in 5-6 months and get a job?

Possible? Sure. Probable? Probably not. I would guess that 1-2 years would be more likely. Butnwhat you’re decribing does happen. Are you naturally gifted? Are you reall good at selling yourself? What is the market like near you? Are you very lucky?

It’s possible, but if 6 months is your deadline, you definitely need a plan B.


what plan do you mean?

The “getting a job as a developer in 5-6 months” plan. Don’t quit your job with only enough savings to last 6 months because you “know” you’ll get a job. Have a plan for this to take a year or two of hard work.


thank you very much for your advice

Well In my opinion it takes around 2-3 months maximum to be precise at it if you wanna be a front end dev,
If you are really aiming for it, then spend atleast 3-4hrs a day for 2-3months , and you are going to kill it for sure:)
So Roadmap to a Front end dev is as follows:-
step-1:- You need to master html,css,javascript for sure it don’t take much time , you are gonna learn them within 40 days precisely.
Step-2:-Now its time to pick a framework and then master it for another month( or less)
Step-3:-Build projects and add it to your resume.
step-4:- You Are Ready to go.


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