Frontend Project in CSS

Hey guys! I’m pretty new to freeCodeCamp. I came over here from referrals at Udacity.

I absolutely love freeCodeCamp! Currently I’m working on the portfolio project.

My question is: is there any kind of rule or expectation that it should be done in Bootstrap? I much prefer working with pure CSS and CSS grids. But am I doing myself that huge of a disservice by avoiding Bootstrap?

I find it frustrating learning how to do in Bootstrap what I can already do in CSS five times faster.

Nope. In fact, I recommend you use the Beta if you haven’t been told to yet. It’s made more clear there that you should avoid Bootstrap reliance until later on, once you have mastered CSS. You will have to create a new login, but it’s a more up-to-date curriculum. I redid 232 waypoints, but it’s the best decision I made here.


Thanks @vipatron! I didn’t even know there was a beta!

No problem. My own story is reluctance is to make the jump. Once I did, I’ve become a beta evangelist on this forum.

I can’t seem to open the Beta link?

Hey @Morrighain it’s

Thanks! Hmm, it says the link only works for 15 minutes? What if I want to do this for an hour, and come back to it tomorrow? Do I need to start all over again, or does it remember me? Since I seem to make a new login?

I’ve never seen a time limit. Can you take a screenshot?

It was in the email I got. It seems to stick though :slight_smile:

Ohhhh… That’s about passwordless authentication. The idea is that passwords are either weak or hard to memorize. Limiting the difficulty of memorizing strong passwords to just one’s email is essentially a way of authentication that “outsources” that to the email provider’s authentication system (with 2-factor or not, per the user’s or system’s choice). The 15-minute thing is that you have 15 minutes to click the link until it expires, similar to the “password-reset links” you get if you click most “forgot password” buttons on websites.