[Frontendmentor] I need help with "svg patterns"

Hi! ,
I need a help, I’m trying put 2 svg background patterns, but I don’t know how, someone can help me?, they are at the top and bottom of the background. Do I need to use “position: absolute” or not?, thank you very much.

You can use background property -

background: url("");
background-size : $width $height;
background-position : $position;

//There are four positions, top, right, bottom, left

You can use position combinations

background-position: top right;

// Would set the image to the top right position

background-position: bottom left;
// You can also use units when positioning

----: top 1rem left 5rem; 

You can use background to set two images at the same time :

background: url(""), url("");

Just separate later by " , "

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