Frozen codes on my css

help some of the codes are frozen on my css, example is on my #hero id. here is the link.

what do you mean that it is frozen? please expand on your issue

it is not functioning on the html page, you can see the code is not yellow but white. check id hero for example

you have never closed the nav > ul selector

thanks for the help. i really appreciate it, any ways an comment on the page?

it is not really responsive on mobile

The color palette is a little crazy, but I do kind of like the red color, although you might have to not use it as background for text.

I’d remove the neon green border on the body. Use a different hue or a less saturated green for the header. Give the .grid elements some color and bottom-margin to separate them. Maybe try using the same color for the icons as the red background so you get a punched out effect. This will only work depending on the color you pick for the grid elements. Which in my opinion should be a muted color so as not to compete or clash with the red background

Check out a site like coolors, you can use the generate feature, lock in the red color and generate colors that will match it. Or you can just look at the different palettes.

thanks for your input i have done some changes and here is the new version