Full responsive Portfolio

Here new versione of my portfolio. I have to work on something with Jquery on “about” section.
I will appreciate every suggest and critique! :slight_smile:


Only thing i clicked that worked is one link in the footer. Other things are not functional, so there is your first task :stuck_out_tongue: .And i would also remove contact form, since its not actually possible to reach you via that form, instead just implement simple mailto: link. That is it from me, happy coding!

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you are right. I’m working about links. I’m try to make the challenge for Front end certificate, so i didn’t think that contact form is useless :stuck_out_tongue: I will change it to use this portfolio in real world. What do you think about style and code form?

As of style, i would change your color scheme completely. Here is useful site that can help you pick colors.

Also before sharing this portfolio to potential customer you should change your text on homepage to something relevant, same thing in about section. But until then this text is fine for placeholder.

Consider playing with fonts, this has huge impact, since it improves look and readability of your website. Font weight and letter-spacing are simple changes that can make big difference.

If you need further help feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

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Why you don’t like color scheme? About Font I choosen Arimo, but I’m searching for something with less x-height.
I don’t want share yet, I want improve my skills about back-end and other stuff. I took front-end certificate just today, and I was without experience 2 moths ago, so I think to be no ready for job now.
About class in Html and its organization what do you think?

Header and footer colors are kinda strong, play around with colors for a bit and see how it goes.

Yeah definitely go for backend too, you will get valuable experience and you will be more “hireable”.

As of your HTML structure, its looks well organized. Consider commenting things as you write hmtl for better readability (things like <!-- About Section -->), this is useful on larger scale projects, and also when u work with other people on same project.

Thank you so much for all adivices. :slight_smile: I’m running out this course now. I found that learn from course like this instead search resources here and there is simpler, so I bought this and this. Do you think I have to learn more about UX and UI before go for there? Do know any resource?

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For that NodeJS course you don’t need to be css wizard, while for Colt’s course you only need basics, so you’re good to go.

I don’t think you need more resources, that first course should be enough for now. If you aim towards being mostly backend developer, then don’t waste much time on learning about UI and UX. Happy Coding!

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Thank you for all! Happy coding to you! :slight_smile:

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