Full sentence pig latin translator

link to codepen https://codepen.io/robert-carvalho/pen/dBLQNb

I got inspired by the pig latin challenge to try to evolve it into something useful. So I chose to do a simple
web page that converts your english to pig latin.

The problem I am running into is it only displays the result for a fraction of a second then goes blank again. Any suggestions on what is wrong?

Hi komegga :wave:

I think your javascript is correct , the reason behind the problem is that whene you click on the button your form will be submited causing a page refreshe
A simple solution is adding type="button" to your button :slightly_smiling_face:

Note : there are other solutions , like , event.preventDefault() on eventlistiners to stop page refreshe

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Thank you so much. So simple.

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Thanks @camperextraordinaire for that information. I will try to implement it. Would you recommend @AbdelliNasredine answer for something like I have?

@camperextraordinaire Oh I misread that, now I see. Thank you. I changed it to your way and it works perfectly.