Full Site Or Beta?

I am currently applying to the Founders and Coders program based out of London and they require that applicants complete the HTML/CSS, Basic Javascript, OOP, and Basic Algorithm Scripting sections. About 200 challenges. My question is this: I have done quite a lot of reading about the beta, but I am unsure how to proceed. I quickly got through those aforementioned sections in about two days (I had some prior knowledge of the subject matter). If I am not accepted to the London program, I want to complete this program all the way through. And in the meantime, regardless, I am going to continue to do as many challenges as possible to learn more. Should I continue with the full site, or go to the Beta (I have seen some of the Beta material that I am going to do regardless)? It is worded like everything is shifting to the new curriculum, but that was 8 months ago and I saw some of that material is still in alpha. Does anyone know (I couldn’t find it searching around) how much longer the four module/current full site is going to be available? At the end of the day, my goal is to learn and produce projects, and not really focus on certificates or what not, but I figured I’d throw it out there and ask.

I don’t think there is a good answer to this one because as far as I can tell there is no hard timeline on when beta will be completed since it developed by volunteers.

I started the regular site in may and have jumped over the the beta site for additional instruction on certain things like react/redux. Other parts of beta (like the mongodb portion) don’t really work yet.

Right now both sites are only partially complete, but I would say the full site is definitely more complete, so I would stick with the full site, and when you get to an area that is sparse, try the beta site to see if they have more info.

Good Luck!

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Your suggestion is pretty much what I was considering doing, and I’m glad to hear from someone who has been working on the site for awhile. I actually did the regex section on the beta today bc it is barely covered in the full site, and I definitely am lacking in the regex category. Thanks again from the response!