Full Stack Modern Web Development - University of Helsinki FREE


I good saw this course available that teaches Javascript, react, nodejs and more. Sorry if it has been posted already

heres the article with details and heres the link to the course

Oh i didnt notice this…


Participants are expected to have good programming skills, basic knowledge of web programming and databases, and mastery of basic use of the Git version management system. You are also expected to have perseverance and a capacity for solving problems and seeking information independently.

Previous knowledge of JavaScript or other course topics is not required.


I’m doing it right now, and is one of the best courses I’ve taken so far, plain and simple. It is really complete and it has the ability to feel affordable (in terms of complexity), but at the same time it also goes deep and explain really well even topics such as testing with Jest. I also like the fact that the course is completely in a written format, most of the courses tend to be video lessons nowadays.

By the way is completely free and they even provide a certificate to put in Linkedin. Absolutely recommended.


How much time is needed (roughly) for the course?
I found quickly that all exercises needs to be finished by 10th January 2020

I think I am going to do this too, who else is doing it?

Thanx for info @AllMight

I’m interested, thanks for the info:+1:

I am! Thanks @AllMight for the info! Its great!!