Full stack project (Mac-os applications)

I have been following the freecodecamp courses in the past three months (I can’t express how thankful I am!!). While learning React-JS, I started implementing what I learnt in small applications inspired by the ones on mac-os. I put them together now in one application and thought to share them with you. Since the different parts of this project were not made at the same time (in terms of time and my skills), some of them may seem less ‘complete/optimized’ than others. I look forward to your feedback!

Live view: https://afternoon-reef-06568.herokuapp.com/

Hey @tarhini008!

Great job :wink:
I hope you will get a job at apple or any other large company.
I like the desktop puzzle.

Thanks a lot for your feedback :wink:
(actually the puzzle was the last piece I added ;))

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