Full Stack Web app I created

I created this Web App to help the local community of learning developers. The premise is that when you first start out you can make things, but might not know how to host their projects, and get exposure. I also wanted to work with the technologies I had been learning about.

So I set out to create my own Full Stack web app using Node.js, Express, EJS Templates, JavaScript and get it hosted on a cloud service.

I ended up doing it, had to re-write a lot of it once because I was using an Authentication service and it got depreciated. So I had to re-write a lot of it using Passport.js and my own log in flow.

Learned a ton, but ran out of steam and no one ended up using it, oh well, It works and I would love feedback on it.

Git repo.

Sorry I had to let the domain name expire due to lack of monies.


Its great website you have build up. You know I very much strugle related to style elements which you done well. Just take it as opinion. I think we can get the developers and sponsor as sections on the same home page instead of their own page.

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Yeah that would be cool. I thought of showing the developer avatars or maybe a random developer, featured or something.
Thanks for the feedback <3