Fullstack React Framework Deployment

I have tried configuring a few different applications using nextjs or create react app environments to be serverless function capable as well as attemping to call the api funtions from other repos &| locations. I see and have watched and studied many of the available resources pertaining to how vercel, gh pages, onrender, ngrock, apache, so on and so forth make this possible,(to have the server in the same repo and pushed to production together but they are simply not correct, or there are steps, even if little, that need taken yet that are not included. I am well past the point of reasoning. I can provide code when someone chimes in, no problem

i hope you find answer to this soon enough, ill be looking for it soon enough for myself as well, happy deploying :slight_smile:

Sure as the sky is blue, ill figure it out. I am looking forward to a couple years ahead when i can look back and laugh at my struggles with the CODE

I deployed with nextjs to Vercel. The solution for now (which I don’t have the answer to ‘why’ yet) was to simply add


to my .gitignore file.

I hope this helps…

LOTS of work to do @ the site, but each select options should work do call a different OpenAI response. Going to add an open ended chat like the ‘playground’ now, and then letting the brain simmer on back to reality.

cool, solving problems is what counts and matters, right?! i recently deployed a MERN stack site in cyclic and vercel, so yeah something in common :grin:

btw, how fun is it to work with openai? good luck and happy coding :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing a lot of MERN myself. Building an application for the Union using that stack, but since Buildspace hooked me on AI, not only has my perspective and goals in development changed, life is changed. OpenAi is amazing, it’s very straight forward to use it, it’s api’s, and it’s unbelievable power. I am uploading a repo now for that site I did in next. I spent a day converting it to CRA because I’m not ‘re-learning’ a lot of the same stuff, going to stick with one React framework so I can venture elsewhere more often. I’m glad I have this far enough to get online, because since openai, I’ve been itching to get super familiar with training my own model(s), but I really want to start working in this field so I have to showcase something or I’ll always be a bridge building pretend developer, and I don’t like that idea. If you haven’t messed with openai much, check out buildspace.so if you’re unaware of them. They have great projects that you can fly through and gain valuable knowledge in much faster ways than I have experienced before. Later!

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thanks, will do, openai is super cool from what i have seen from some of their products… im also been trying to dive into this but not sure will my noob alike coding experience will suffice or not, but thanks for suggesting buildspace, i havent really heard about them before, i’ll definitely give this a look, much appreciated, doei doei :wave:

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