Function adding and how to make it work?

Currently trying to work with functions in a html code, i have a function giving the website a number from a 3rd party site, that is continually changing, that functions works, the issue i am having is i want to add an extra number to that so it adds up to a final number that would show on the website.

First function from 3rd party site + Number i would like to add = Outcome (which is to be live on the site)

This is my attempt of the html with with working function below that.

//HTML (note had to remove < so it would show the html on here)
var z, x, y;
x = 30;
z = (“PlayerOnAir”)
y = x + z
function LoadRadioData(){

                     var obj = JSON.parse(Date);

                     if(obj.artists === null) {
                         LoadGoogleSongImage(obj.artists + " - " + obj.title);

Please post a link to your code or just add your code into the post.

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