Function Confirm the Ending

Hello guys, I’m not getting the expected result from my code. I read it 1000 times and still not finding the mistake.

the function below needs to check if a string (first argument, str ) ends with the given target string (second argument, target ).

function confirmEnding(str, target) {
  let start= str.length-target.length;
  let check= "";

  for (let i=start ;i<target.length ; i++) {
    check+= str[i]; 
  return target === check;

confirmEnding("Bastian", "n"); // true

Thanks a lot

start is 6 but target.length is 1, your loop never happens.
In this case the return statement is

return "n" === ""; // this is false

Seems you just need to compare a substring (at the end) of str to target and return whether they match or not. Do you even need a loop?

Read this:

Specifically the ‘Extracting String Parts’ section. Sure one of those might help you out.

A small hint:

const aSubstring = 'Congratulation'.slice(-2);
console.log(aSubstring); // on