Function error even though I'm correct

100% agreed! I see a lot of posts where that is the case and then I think to myself, “this is a free resource to teach yourself and get help, not to waive around a certificate where it will become very apparent on the job that you have learned nothing” :smiley:

Although I see the value of working towards the certification as motivational goal to keep learning, not the end-all-be-all.

Not disparaging FCC or anyone specific either.

FCC is a great resource, but it needs to be used properly!

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Don’t get me wrong. I understand the need to see a solution to a problem you are not able to solve. It makes perfect sense and if it’s a “good” solution you can even learn from it.

But jumping to the solution before going through the process of thinking of a solution yourself is never a good idea. Not in code, not in life. You will miss out on all the gold found in the process itself. Even if the process leads to failure something will be gained from it.

Before you walked, you fell a lot. Before you ran, you walked a lot. Before you wrote your first piece of decent code, you wrote a bunch of nonsense.