Function folder missingcreate react app{vs code}

I installed the the react app with npx create-react-app, it was successful but i just found out in the middle of a project that the function folder is missing from the app folders.

What can I do?

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I have used CRA for some time now but I don’t understand what you are asking? What function folder are you referring to?

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Here you can see the official folder structure of a create-react-app app.

I had a look into the changes of the file and the folder structure was always the same since the beginning of create-react-app.

I used it a lot personally and I don’t remember seeing a functions folder.

A functions folder is sometimes added by libraries that use serverless functions, e.g. firebase. But this has nothing to do with create-react-app.

Sorry, my mistake…I was supposed to install stuff that will add up the functions folder to the project…

Thanks for your support @nibble