Function parameter is not working

Why is this piece of code here not working?

// Show clothing items sections
  function showingSection(e) {
    $(e).css('display', 'flex');

    $('.all-items').css('display', 'none');
    // $('.accesories').fadeIn('slow');
    // $('.accesories').css('display', 'flex');

I am going to be reusing the code that it’s inside the “showingSection” function when I click a certain element and I would like to avoid repeating the code over and over again, I know that I can like a toggle class but I am wondering if this could be achieve the way I am trying it to do.

Does the code you posted work? If not, can you post a link to the full code, so we can take a look?

@RandellDawson, Nop it does not work, I will provide the whole code in a moment but my question is, should the code that I provided work?, because I am not sure if I can target classes using parameters.

I believe it should work as long as you are passing in CSS class names which exist. I noticed you are passing ‘.accesorie’ to showingSection, but you commented out some code which references a class named ‘accesories’. Is that a typo? Also, do you see any error messages showing in the browser’s console when executing this code?

lol, you are correct. Dumb mistake, type error… Thank you.

No problem.

FYI - In case it matters, the singular form of accessories is accessory.

Oh yeah, it matters! Thanks!