Function rant issues

That’s all cool - we all have bad days.

But I would also point out that whatever issues you have right now - they are the same issues you will have as a developer - you need to develop coping mechanisms sooner or later.

I would also point out that a developer is basically a professional typist. I would recommend getting good at typing. I might recommend setting aside 15 minutes each night to work with a typing program. Really, for a good typist, it should only take a few minutes to type that out.

Okay, lol. So then what do I want?

But back to coding issues, we don’t really like to blurt out answers here - this is a teaching platform. You’ve been given a lot of suggestions here.

You seem to be a little confused about the difference between a variable name and a string literal, and perhaps how function parameters work. There was also seems to be some confusion about how console.log works.

If you figure out how those work, then this is a very simple problem to do. We could give you the answer, but then that would deprive you the opportunity to learn those things. I would suggest taking a step back and spend 5-20 minutes researching each of those. Sometimes we need to do that when we’re learning, doing little side quests.

You can work on this outside the Udemy IDE. There are other online IDEs and of course you can work locally.

Please try to solve it again and if that doesn’t work, please post it here so we can give you some further guidance.

There are some ways to alter the context-menu thus making copy-pasting harder or need a workaround. Like using shortcuts (ctrl+c) or going to the dev-tools in the browser… If that is the case, maybe describe your problem in short. It’s something you will end up needing to do anyway, as programming usually involves asking for help for more complex issues (nobody knows everything).

Understanding takes time and practice. So keep some resources at hand to look up things (like
Also is there some kind of forum or discord or whatnot for the bootcamp?
While we are happy to help, given it’s not a FCC resource, you won’t find people where expirienced with the tasks or the curriculum, making it hard to give the best help, as we don’t know what got already covered and what not.

And finding people to learn together with, is always a decent idea. In part because you won’t feel “left behind” if you struggle with others - compared to asking people who are years of expirience ahead of you.

The bootcamp is online (a Udemy course) and does not have a group to refer to and help me. I have been learning w/ my brother who is a professional web dev. But I also learn well on my own.

I don’t think we need to make this personal. I agree that he has some “adjustments to his thinking” if he wants to succeed, but every “flaw” you list is definitely something of which I could have been accused at some point in my life. I think that is true of most people.

We all have bad days and it took me a while until I had matured enough that I could have benefitted from FCC as much as I did. I don’t know the OP, but I know that from my experience in college (as an older student, cue old man rant) that a lot of younger people did not arrive with the skills they needed to learn and were shocked that things were not spoon fed to them. They often blamed the professors and the program.

I don’t know. I hope the OP finds what he is looking for. I hope he finds something he can do well and brings him joy and success. That might be dev work. But I agree that he probably needs to examine his learning process and his attitude towards learning. But I just think there are gentler ways to say it. Especially when we realize that we are all just a bunch of flawed, damaged apes trying to blindly find our way.

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