Function wont process more than the first argument?

Unsure why this function isnt working
It only does one item then stops

Link to problem

function predictAge(age)
  var sumAgesSquared;
  var sqrRootDividedbyTwo= Math.sqrt(sumAgesSquared)/2
  for(var i = 0 ; i<age.length ; i++) 

  return sqrRootDividedbyTwo

You are failing some Javascript basics. Output to console.log() would reveal these. Your coding environment supports console api

You have not successfully initialized either of your two local variables. sumAgesSquared was simply not given an initial value. Since sqrRootDividedbyTwo is initalized as sqrRootDividedbyTwo= Math.sqrt(sumAgesSquared)/2 that also fails.

age is not an array. You are sending multiple parameters to your function but only capturing the first one in a variable age. If unsure of the number of parameters you’ll have to access all of these using the arguments object.

Consequently, age.length is undefined because of above.

I would suggest starting with multiple parameters issue and then tackle the uninitialized local variables afterwards. Use the console to verify the results of your changes.

Good luck.

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