Functional Programming - Understand the Hazards of Using Imperative Code

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Do I put finalTabs.tabs , should be ['FB', 'Gitter', 'Reddit', 'Twitter', 'Medium', 'new tab', 'Netflix', 'YouTube', 'Vine', 'GMail', 'Work mail', 'Docs', 'freeCodeCamp', 'new tab']; as the final answer?
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// tabs is an array of titles of each site open within the window
const Window = function(tabs) {
  this.tabs = tabs; // We keep a record of the array inside the object

// When you join two windows into one window
Window.prototype.join = function(otherWindow) {
  this.tabs = this.tabs.concat(otherWindow.tabs);
  return this;

// When you open a new tab at the end
Window.prototype.tabOpen = function(tab) {
  this.tabs.push('new tab'); // Let's open a new tab for now
  return this;

// When you close a tab

  // Only change code below this line
['FB', 'Gitter', 'Reddit', 'Twitter', 'Medium', 'new tab', 'Netflix', 'YouTube', 'Vine', 'GMail', 'Work mail', 'Docs', 'freeCodeCamp', 'new tab'];

  // Only change code above this line


// Let's create three browser windows
const workWindow = new Window(['GMail', 'Inbox', 'Work mail', 'Docs', 'freeCodeCamp']); // Your mailbox, drive, and other work sites
const socialWindow = new Window(['FB', 'Gitter', 'Reddit', 'Twitter', 'Medium']); // Social sites
const videoWindow = new Window(['Netflix', 'YouTube', 'Vimeo', 'Vine']); // Entertainment sites

// Now perform the tab opening, closing, and other operations
const finalTabs = socialWindow
  .tabOpen() // Open a new tab for cat memes
  .join(videoWindow.tabClose(2)) // Close third tab in video window, and join

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Challenge: Functional Programming - Understand the Hazards of Using Imperative Code

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Hi, as always I can just give you hints:

Reset the exercise and look at the method splice() used. The actual hazard lies there and if we only had another method that combines arrays without mutating them.

  • For a better learning experience look up what splice() does to an array.
  • You’ll find the alternative method in the Mozilla docs close to splice().

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