Functional Programming - Use the filter Method to Extract Data from an Array

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Not sure where I’m going wrong. It seems like it should work. When I console.log I get the title and the rating. The only difference between my result and the answer is the quotation marks. My result has single quotes around the actual title and actual rating. The challenge answer has double quotes around each item. I’m not sure if this is the issue or how to fix it. I was initially using dot notation but switched to bracket notation to try to capture the double quotes. That didn’t help.

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const ratingList = watchList.filter(movie => movie.imdbRating > 8);

const list = =>{
  let filteredList ={};
  filteredList["title"] = movie["Title"];
  filteredList["rating"] = movie["imdbRating"];
  return filteredList;


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Challenge: Functional Programming - Use the filter Method to Extract Data from an Array

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Notice the console.log at the bottom:


I agree this could be made a little clearer, but you need to put your final list in a variable named filteredList.

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Thank you. I appreciate it.

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