Functional Programming - Use the filter Method to Extract Data from an Array

So I think I have this solved but my array doest follow the final example EXACTLY. The only difference is the punctuation around the items in the object.

const filteredList = =>({
  title: item["Title"],
  rating: parseFloat(item["imdbRating"])
})).filter(list => list.rating >= 8)

The resulting object is the same as what the question is asking for, without some quotation marks.

Im getting :

[ { title: 'Inception', rating: 8.8 },
  { title: 'Interstellar', rating: 8.6 },
  { title: 'The Dark Knight', rating: 9 },
  { title: 'Batman Begins', rating: 8.3 } ]

Where fcc wants:

[{"title": "Inception", "rating": "8.8"},
 {"title": "Interstellar", "rating": "8.6"}, 
{"title": "The Dark Knight", "rating": "9.0"},
 {"title": "Batman Begins", "rating": "8.3"}]


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Challenge: Functional Programming - Use the filter Method to Extract Data from an Array

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You don’t want to change the type stored in the rating property.

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Tests want you to provide strings actually, not floats.

The result you get is not just the same without quotes.

The data type is a number, whereas the solution uses strings: 5 !== "5"

It is also worth pointing out that the operator does type coercion.

console.log('10' >= 8) // true

console.log(true >= false);  // true
console.log(true >= 1);  // true
console.log(false >= 0);  // true
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