Functional Programming - Use the reduce Method to Analyze Data. Can find the sum but cannot find the average

Hello folks! I am have been able to find the sum of the ratings for all the movies directed by Christopher Nolan. But I am struggling to find the mean(average). I know that it can be found by dividing the sum by the total number of movies, which is four, but I do not know exactly how to do that.
This is my code so far.

function getRating(watchList) {
  return watchList.reduce((average, movie, index) =>  movie.Director === "Christopher Nolan" ? (+movie.imdbRating + average): average
  , 0);

PS: the best solution I can think of is dividing the sum by the last index. But I don’t know how to put that into code.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Challenge: Functional Programming - Use the reduce Method to Analyze Data

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Thank you.
This is what I was able to make as my final solution.

function getRating(watchList) {
  let filteredList = watchList.filter(movie => movie.Director === "Christopher Nolan")
  let sum = filteredList.reduce((sum, movie) => (+movie.imdbRating + sum), 0);
  let average = sum / filteredList.length;
  return average;

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