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I’ve written the functional test for the metric-imperial converter, but it seems that it is not what fcc wants, and I am not entirely sure what the expectations of the test are. Do they need a specific name.

Here is my first test as an example:

suite('Functional Tests', function() {
  test('Convert a valid input such as 10L: GET request to /api/convert', done => {
      .query({input: '10L'})
      .end((err, res) => {
        assert.equal(res.body.initNum, 10);
        assert.equal(res.body.initUnit, 'L');
        assert.equal(res.body.returnNum, 2.64172);
        assert.equal(res.body.returnUnit, 'gal');
        assert.equal(res.body.string, '10 liters converts to 2.64172 gallons');

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