Funny how projects overlap

I got bored earlier today. I spent the last 3 hours or so making a random insult generator. While doing this, something hit me.

“This is just like the random quote generator… hell, maybe I’ll even add social media buttons at some point.”


(As an aside, I haven’t even finished the quote generator. I wonder if the random insult generator (though toned down in vulgarity) would fulfill the criteria?)

Be warned, it’s incredibly vulgar, but here’s an HTML file that’ll run it with an ok, if jerry-rigged, interface.

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Your generator work a little too well… I just finished walking dead and your generator gave me this:
“Watch me kill a corpse, you sht-eating fck!”

It’s like it wants to remind me that I’ll have to wait another year to know what happens next :sweat_smile:

The best quotes are the ones that make too much sense.

It’s not worth much without an API. :smiley: