Funny Money Calculator not working properly

Please help me to understand why my Funny Money Calculator isn’t working. I think there’s only a problem with the calculation part of this web app. The problem is that the number calculated by the form is too big and isn’t correct. There’s not that much javascript involved so I hope it’s easy to help me with this. Here’s the link to the code pen. Thank you.

(((hourlyWage * workHours) * weeklyWorkDays) you should not have weeklyWorkDays in there. Lets say my hourly wage is $15 and I work 40 hours a week that means I make $600 a week, and there are 52 weeks in a year so without any expenses or breaks I make $31,200, and that is correct, but if I say I also work 5 days a week that and put that in the equation my yearly wage jumps to $156,000 which is clearly wrong.

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Thank you very much @caryaharper. After noticing the mistake you pointed out, I changed “weekly work hours” to “daily work hours”. Then made a few other adjustments and now my web app is working perfect.

I can’t believe I didn’t see that error lol. :laughing:

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