(Further Reading) - Using Objects for Lookups

Could someone point me to some good further reading on this lesson and the lessons on objects prior to it?

I have been able to figure everything out on my own so far and I am confident that I could keep progressing. But I would love to understand these exercises more

function phoneticLookup(val) {
  var result = "";
  var lookup = {
    "alpha" : "Adams",
    "bravo" : "Boston",
    "charlie" : "Chicago",
    "delta" : "Denver",
    "echo" : "Easy",
    "foxtrot" : "Frank"
  result = lookup[val];
  return result;



You can use this article as a refresher on what you’ve learned :

Then, if you’re new to programming, I would recommend to at least complete the Object oriented and Basic algorithm scripting sections.I think it’s important to balance theory and practice, and be comfortable with what you already know, before jumping into more advanced topics.When you’re ready, you can use these resources to know more about objects :

If you’re not familiar with object-oriented programming (OOP), take a deep breath and read this (read it until the end!):

Here’s a video to have a taste of “prototypes” and not being too confused by this concept later :

Then, read this book :

and while you read the book, also watch this entire playlist :

Thank you so much.

I am looking into all of them now.