Future programming

I am 16 and i want to know were is better to start learning programming.I know some basics but it is not enought.
I want to work as a freelancer , but i need someone who can help me provide some materials or other things to make me understand where is better to earn money at the beginning.

Welcome to freeCodeCamp!
Start here: https://learn.freecodecamp.org

hey, first of welcome in the FCC family, and today with the help of internet you can easily learn anything in depth whether it is programming or any other skill you want to learn.

You can learn programming through youtube today youtube contain lot of good programming youtube channels or you can enroll yourself in any online or free course from Udemy, Coursera, Udecity Codeacademy and you are already in the Freecodecamp there are many more. You just have to google search.

All the Best…

there are many free courses on the web, all you need is to start