FYI: Javascript Coding Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a website where you can buy games, ebooks, comics, software, courses, … in bulk cheap. Every offer is always limited in time. You pay as much as you want, but there is always a minimum amount. Part of the money goes to the publisher, part to HumbleBundle and the rest goes to charities. I am a huge fan especially for ebooks and comics.

Currently they have the Javascript Coding Bundle on offer for the next 17 days. The minimum amount for the complete bundle, 25 video courses, is €21.59 ($25?). If you want only the first 5 courses, you can have it for €0.86.

Topics: javascript, DOM, AWS, Azure, RPG games, Express, Vue.js, React, VR and A-Frame, React, Node.js, MongoDB, ES6 - ES9, …

I am considering buying it, but I don’t know the quality of the courses and whether I have the time to study them. It is my intention to do the javascript course on freeCodeCamp in August, so it might come in handy for making extra exercises even games.

What are your thoughts?

Javascript Coding Bundle