FYI - Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - If doesn't work for you

After a couple of hours of trying to get the tests to run on, I was beyond frustrated because the page would crash/reload/loop and failed to run the tests. I even tried to host the repo on a website, but gave up halfway because it required too much more time, research, and effort (than I’d like to put in).

However, after browsing through the forums, I was able to find that someone used Glitch to host and complete the coursework instead. So if you’re also having trouble running the projects through, like me and some other learners, I recommend using glitch so you don’t waste your time like I did.

After registering for an account, you can import the projects from the fCC GitHub repo., then install/start through the terminal.

The UI for Glitch is a lot more simple and minimalistic vs, but it does the job.
[Tip: you have to click on the hamburger button (3 dot menu thing) on the top right to copy the preview page link for the “solution link”]

Be sure to open up the “LOGS” to check the tests

trust me I try Replit and Glich and dey are the same …
Yo will see…

Are you having issues on Glitch?

Essentially, they are the same, but my post was mostly for users that are unable to get the Quality Assurance coursework working on and/or unable to run/pass the assignment tests.

I really love Node. For the first few months, it was really hard for me to work in both replit and glich.
The connection is lost, the server is not working, the port is not open…
You get stuck on nonsense, and you are right to waste precious time looking for how to fix it

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Sorry to hear that you had trouble with that. I was having more of those issues on So far :crossed_fingers:, I haven’t had any problems on Glitch and I’m moving through the assignments without any errors (besides my own code :sweat_smile:)

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