Game Jam Name and feedback

I am working on a Game Jam called Game Off 2020. I have it pretty much done but I want some feedback. The theme of the jam is Moonshot. I know the game is pretty simple and it was hard making it from HTML/CSS/JS. Thanks for the feedback. I am also in search for a name. Leave some ideas in the comments. Thanks! :smile:

I like the model of the game.
but it is not User friendly. You can show first the Instructions then the game it will make the controls known to the user before they start to make the game.
The Instruction button is not seen in the dark bg. You can use React or some other tech to make the game it will make it easy to code and easy to play.
This are my feedbacks.

Still, I really like the overall game.
Good Work. :+1: :+1:

I like the name to keep for this game will be MoonShoot If you are happy with name :smile:
Thanks and Happy Coding!

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@codely Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely make the instruction layout different. Thanks! Happy coding to you also! :smile:

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Hey @landon.h.lloyd!

I think it is a good first effort. I agree with @codely’s advice on making it more user friendly. I also think the game should be in the center or at least more prominently featured in the browser window. Right now, the game is to the far left and what is in the middle are the words control panel.

Also it might be nice to ask for the player’s name before they start the game. Right now, player name is set to null at the beginning.

I also think you should check out Sam Hogan’s youtube. He is a game developer and I think you could look at how he approaches game design. Even though he is using C# and unity game engine I think you can still learn a lot from his work.

Hope that helps!

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@jwilkins.oboe I have been experimenting with putting the game in the middle. It causes some bugs with the JS. The game is pretty much done but just adding some finishing touches before I have to submit it on Dec. 1st. Thanks for the feedback!

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@jwilkins.oboe Also good call forgot to change the channel. Sorry.