Game of Thrones Character Wiki Feedback

Hi everyone, I’ve done a Game of Thrones Character Wiki page using Angular.
Please provide your feedback so I can improve things.

This is well made!

When I was creating/editing a new character I noticed that here is a death input box. Maybe you can clarify what that is? Is that death year?
Also, When I add new values by hitting edit button. The modified entry doesn’t display new values (giving age doesn’t get displayed).
Limit age. I can enter 350 and it will accept it no problem.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the inputs @shimphillip.

I’ll update the death field, it was designed to have a description of how the character died.

When I did this project I decided to not display the age of deceased characters. What that the case?

For limiting age, as for example Melisandre is 401 years old I decided not to limit it.

Thanks again for the feedback! I’ll make some changes to make things more clear, maybe disable Age if Deceased is selected.