Game of thrones survey form feebback

hi guys, i just built my second fcc project and it was a pain in the neck. It’s a pretty basic game of thrones survey form which i hope to improve on later. your feedback will be very much appreciated.

i am also in search for alternate sources where i can learn flebox and grid, i have been through the fcc curriculum for it, but i still can’t wrap my head around the concepts.


Not bad for a first attempt. Some quick changes i would make to enhance it visually:

#1 I would cancel in css:

#checkboxOpitonGroup:hover {
    font-size: 20px;

#2 To enhance the visibility of text over that background i would add to .wrapper #survey-form a color: #ddd;

#3 To center the form on page, I would change the margin in .wrapper from margin: 10px; to margin: 10px auto;

Happy coding

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Sorin thanks a bunch for the feedback, i’d sure try out these suggestions now and see. Again, thank you.